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The rules:

- Below is a base drabble. Anyone may take any phrase from that base drabble and work it into a new drabble.

- All 100-word drabbles in the drabble tree (except the writer's own drabbles) are fair game. The new drabble should be posted as a reply.

- Each drabble must be based (however loosely) on a fairy tale, folklore, fable, myth or legend.

- Your drabble may be a "sequel" to the drabble you're replying to, but it should be able to stand on its own.
* Exception: You MAY NOT write a "sequel" to someone else's original drabble.

- You may write your own original drabble in reply to someone else's original drabble. If you repost your original drabble elsewhere, please link back to the original drabble that you replied to as a courtesy.

- Include your fandom (shorthand/abbreviation is acceptable), characters/pairings and the drabble rating in the subject line. You may also include a title.
e.g. Chasing Fairies (HP, Draco and Scorpius, PG)
OR, Untitled (ST:XI, Sulu/Chekov, R)
OR, The Empty Throne (Original, Eric, PG-13)

- Each drabble must be 100 words exactly. If you go over 100 words, you may post your flopsy but it will be a "dead branch" and replies to that comment will be frozen. Include your 100+ word count in the subject line.
Similarly, if you go under 100 words, you may post your drabblet but it will be a "dead branch." Include your 100- word count in the subject line.
e.g. Tattoos (GO, Anathema, PG-13, 115 words)
OR, Untitled (Narnia, Susan, G, 93 words)

- Please spell-check and reread your drabble before posting it. This is to avoid comment deletion & reposting. (If you have a paid account, you can edit your comment as long as nobody has replied to it yet.)

ETA 08/22/2010: - There's no need to bold the relevant phrase in your drabble.

- After September 19, feel free to compile your drabble(s) and post them at mukashi2.

- Last but not least, have fun! =D

When the Match Burns Out (Merlin, Gwen and Tom, PG)

“But why did she do that?” Gwen's brown eyes looked wounded.

Her father hid a wince. Hans Christian Andersen was perhaps not the best bedtime story. But Gwen had loved the beautifully illustrated pages: the mother and her flower daughter, the fierce mermaid sisters with their shorn hair, the little dancer looking back at her soldier.

“Her grandmother was the only one who’d ever loved her,” Tom said. He had skipped over the part where the little match-seller’s father was abusive.

Gwen mulled this over, then said solemnly, “I won’t ask mum to take me with her. I have you.”


Aug. 22nd, 2010 05:45 pm (UTC)
Hunting the Minotaur (Inception, Ariadne and Arthur, G)
'No change,' Arthur said.

Ariadne blinked slowly. Her sleep-blurred vision cleared to reveal that the figure on the nearest hospital bed was indeed still motionless.

'How many more times?' she croaked.

Arthur raised an eyebrow.

'Going down to limbo. Bringing him back up one more level each time. How many till he wakes up?'

He shrugged. 'Your father invented the Penrose Stairs labyrinth. If anyone can find him, it's you. You have to convince him to find and use his totem. We need him back.'

She fought impatience, closed her eyes and thought about the pinwheel in her dreams.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
For You Once Again (Original, Aram, Rubin, G)
"Impressive," the king said, teeth glinting in the sunlight.

Aram inclined his head. "Your Majesty."

King Rubin laughed and clapped his shoulder. "We showed them, didn't we? Those weaklings could never have defeated us."

Aram smiled at his friend. It had almost cost him everything to defend the army from magical attacks. Of course, Rubin didn't know that. Rubin only saw him standing while the three enemy sorcerers crumpled to the ground.

"I chose rightly when I appointed you Court Sorcerer," Rubin continued.

His pathetic heart beat with joy at this praise. How many more times before he would learn?
Aug. 30th, 2010 10:48 pm (UTC)
Thorns for Feathers (Merlin, Gwen & others, PG13 for violence)
"Confess," Uther demanded, but Gwen did not speak.

"Just tell me," Gaius begged, but Gwen looked away.

The guards asked nothing, except with their eyes.

She sat on the straw, wooden needles clicking. The guards had no heart to take the shirts, but still she had only five. Working through the night, her bleeding fingers flew, her ears full of the sound of rushing wings.

At dawn, guards stood her on the pyre, unbound. Bells rang, the king raised his hand...

...and down swooped a line of six swans, Morgana last. Gwen's heart beat with joy, her scarred fingers curling.
Sep. 7th, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
Scars (Original, Aram, Rubin, G)
Aram had taken to wearing gloves at court. Rubin had given him an indulgent smile when he noticed, no doubt thinking that Aram had succumbed to the latest Western fashion.

In truth, his hands were criss-crossed with scars from innumerable spells. In the heat of battle, it was most practical to use his blood for payment. Personal sacrifice is best; nobody knew that better than him.

Rubin didn't care about magic beyond how it can aid his kingdom. And while Rubin regaled his audience with battle stories, Aram smiled and held his wine cup, scarred fingers curling inside pristine gloves.